Transport is our passion!

We are specialized in road transport and forwarding projects throughout Europe, but with particular emphasis on England, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. Our clients gain a guarantee of reliability and the possibility of reducing transport and logistics costs thanks to the use of a modern fleet of tractor units with Euro 6 emission standards and MEGA trailers with a capacity of 100 m3, as well as optimally planned transport routes. 24h / 7-day monitoring and universal GSM / GPS systems as well as Telematik enable easy and comprehensive management of a fleet of over 100 vehicles by our forwarders and dispatchers. In addition, our team of people responsible for directions is at the customer’s service in terms of each delivery, as well as a specific routine. Just-in-Time deliveries are a key element of our offer in relation to Automotive Routes – planning unloading for specific hours of transits of over 2,000 km provides certainty and stability of long-term cooperation of goods delivered directly to production.

The specificity of the goods

The high standards of services offered by our company are ensured in the transport of full loads in the automotive, food, paper, electronic, industrial and utility and heavy industry sectors. Our extensive and long-term experience allows for just-in-time deliveries, thanks to which customer satisfaction becomes the greatest reward for us.

Ferry crossings

We are aware of the growing demand for ferry crossings in the era of growing transport throughout Europe. The connection with Great Britain, Sweden, but also less popular reaching Sardinia, Sicily or Ibiza or Majorca is at hand thanks to our agency. The attractiveness of prices and payment periods makes other transport companies choose us as their sellers of ferry services.

Transport and Forwarding

In international destinations - throughout Europe, we provide full truckload (FTL) transport services. We offer transport of partial loads (LTL) mainly on the routes: Poland - UK, Poland - Germany, Poland - Belgium, Poland - the Netherlands, Poland - Spain. On the other hand, in Poland, our offer includes full-truck transport services provided by our own fleet, and partial loads or groupage are carried out under our supervision by subcontractors.


Warehousing is now the basis of modern spatial logistics. Hardly any of the distributors of final products can and would like to have extensive and non-functional storage spaces, preferring to entrust this task to entities specializing in ensuring safe, modern and easily accessible spatial logistics. The popular Warehousing is one of the levels of our offer. Storing, reloading, stacking goods - these are the tasks for us.