Transport Evaluating

In order to facilitate the general overview of the current market prices, we offer you a free possibility to calculate the transport you would like to perform. It is not a computer, but a qualified employee of our company, who will quickly calculate the costs and the approximate duration of the service of such delivery.

    Place of load:

    Place of unloading:

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    Security and confidence

    By handing over the goods to us, you can be safe for its condition, securing it during transport, as well as full supervision during its loading and unloading.


    Time is money - both for you and for us. Just-in-time deliveries are a showpiece and determinant of our services.

    24H / 7 DAYS

    24-hour monitoring is a standard in every current transport company. However, we go further - we provide you with direct care by a specific leading forwarder who has full and constant access to the transport data.